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Image by Samuele Errico Piccarini

Driving Assessments

In order to drive safely, we often need to be able to think clearly and react quickly. If our cognitive processes become impaired (by medications or medical conditions), our ability to drive safely can be significantly affected and can have devastating consequences. 

Our clinic has certified technicians available to administer the Driving Assessments by DriveABLE test to help us to assess your risk on the road. Knowing your limitations act strengths can help you to determine your own road safety. 

This is a research-based, scientific tool that detects and measures driving errors related to cognitive impairment. These assessments are used across North America to assess the cognitive fitness needed to drive. 
Our Services Harbor Speech Pathology offers the DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool or DCAT. DCAT is one of the world's leading technologies for providing a fair, accurate and unbiased evaluation about the safety of you or your loved one on the road. The assessment takes about an hour. 

DCAT was created specifically for drivers with medical conditions affecting cognitive abilities. If your physical or mental ability has changed, or if you are taking medication(s) that affect cognition,you should consider taking the DCAT. It can also help Keep you from being falsely identified as unsafe to drive. To schedule an assessment here in our office, please call 253-851-0007. 

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